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30-Day Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

Here at, we want to ensure that you are 100% happy with your purchase.

  • If you have technical or sales queries, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • If you feel the product(s) you purchased does/do not deliver what you expected, we want to make things right.
  • Our policy offers a full refund within 30 days of your date of purchase.


It’s a ‘no questions asked’ refund policy, but your feedback would be helpful. Knowing what went wrong helps us improve what we offer, so if you could include details about the reason for your refund request that would be most appreciated. and our payment process submit the refund immediately and make every attempt to process the refund as quickly as possible. Your financial institution can take up to 20 days for the refund to reflect in your bank account/card. More details can be found via at Customer refund processing time.

To request a refund simply fill in and submit the form below: